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"Our task is to heal nature and produce abundance."

David Braden


We are the ones responsible for the world of abundance we want for our great grandchildren.


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The resources we need are all around us.


They are the individuals of the many species without a place in our market culture.


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A world of abundance requires learning to work with nature's processes.


It does not require fixing the corporations . . . or the government . . . or the financial system.




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A Garden for our Great Grandchildren

May 19th, 2017


The Key is to Cycle Nutrients


Here is the question. Do you want your great grandchildren to be living in a biological desert?

That is the direction we are heading. Or, do you want your great grandchildren to be living in a

beautiful garden?  That may be easier than you think.

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The Fable of Community, Market and Charity

January 14th, 2016

Community, Market and Charity are siblings.

For millions of years community worked slowly developing a pattern in which everyone contributed and everyone had a home. Starting with single cells . . . trying this species then another . . . always building fertility into itself . . . making room for more and more species.

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The Dance of Creation: Four Aspects of the Foundation of Existence

April 27th, 2015

Many people I know look around and see objects. I see a dance. Others see trees and houses and people and cars. I see a dance of sun and soil and water becoming plants. We dance into existence plants and animals and people and all manner of other things. All the things we know are danced into existence by the species participating in the dance.

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