Agents of Habitat


Taking personal responsibility for the condition of our world.


We participate in an eco-economic-social system. That system expresses itself in different places on a continuum. At one end of the continuum there are few humans or other species participating. We think of these places as barren and sterile. At the other end of the continuum there are many humans and other species participating. We think of these places as beautiful and healthy.

Ask yourself the question, "What new interactions within my power would move my place in the direction of health and beauty?" As you begin to find answers to that question you become an Agent of Habitat.


Agents in TrainingLesson 1


The world we want is a pattern of activity that includes everyone and all the many

species. The world we want has a place for everyone.



Sun RiseLesson 2

Place Yourself in the Universe

To be an effective agent for your habitat you need to know your place

within the flows.

Carbon CyclingLesson 3

Carbon Cycling

Carbon Cycling is the Key to a Welcoming Place.




Father's Day SaladLesson 4

Discretionary Time and Money

The new interactions we need to heal nature and end poverty will not be

fueled by money.


A Welcoming PlaceLesson 5

A Welcoming Place

As we increase the diversity of participation in a place we make it easier

for participants to find what they need.



Pole BeansLesson 6

A Pattern in a Pattern

The dysfunction in Washington DC is a reflection of the dysfunction in our

neighborhoods.  Our diminished ecosystems are a reflection of our diminished soils.



PumpkinLesson 7

Ending the Age of Separation

We will end the age in which humans separated themselves from natural

things and begin the age in which humans embrace their place within the

nature of things.


Conducive to LifeLesson 8

Conducive to Life

If we want humans to continue to have a place on this planet we will need

to produce what humans need to thrive in sustainable ways.



Placing Processes in ProximityLesson 9

Embedded in Nature

An alternative is a Cell of Sustainability created by embedding ourselves in a

complex pattern of plant processes, animal processes, fungal processes and

bacterial processes.


surface areaLesson 10

Edge, Surface Area, Boundary and Succession

Every interaction requires an edge between one thing and another. Every thing

flowing is generated on one side of an edge and flows across the edge. Reducing

the edge reduces the flows.





Lesson 11

Placing Processes in Proximity

The amount of waste our culture produces is a measure of sustainability. Less sustainable processes produce more waste. As we integrate processes we begin to reduce waste. As we approach no waste, our processes will move beyond sustainable and begin increasing the resources we have to work with.




Plant PropagatorsLesson 12

A View of the Whole

At this point in the development of the Living System on this Planet there are precious few of us who have developed this tertiary drive to take responsibility for the health of our place. Our influence can only grow as we connect and begin to work together. Through that act of connecting and growing our influence we will be the Living System on this Planet becoming aware of itself.



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