A Letter to Homeowners

Forest Islands

Dear Homeowner,

Thank you for your interest in our Cook and Gardener Project. The project is designed as a training program

for people looking for a career in landscaping using techniques that heal our relationship with nature. The project

uses the materials that have been considered yard waste to build new fertility in your yard. The gardeners need

both the experience working in your yard and your financial support.

During the term of your participation we ask that you set up a regular monthly payment to the Living Systems

Institute of $100.00 per month. This involves contacting your bank and giving them our name and mailing address:

Living Systems Institute

14020 W. 32nd Ave.

Golden, CO 80401

EIN: 46-2009328


We will find a gardener to spend 4 hours working in your yard for every month that you have subscribed. The gardener

receives $95.00 of each $100 payment and $5.00 goes toward the expense of a liability insurance policy. You and the

gardener will decide how best to use that time to cycle organic materials into fertile garden beds. These beds can be

planted to fruit trees and berry bushes, culinary or medicinal herbs, pollinator gardens or vegetable gardens. The goal

is a mix of habitats that support a healthy ecosystem. Cost of plants and materials is additional.

This is a different approach to hiring a company to do a landscape design and paying a fortune to have it implemented.

Instead, we will work slowly, methodically, and economically to create the circumstances in which plants and other

organisms can thrive. We will plan to have your landscape evolve the way nature intended.

You and the gardener may decide to do a bigger project that cannot be accomplished in the 4 hours per month. For those

projects you will need to agree on the cost and those payments will not be eligible for the charitable tax deduction.

The end goal of this project is a business run by cooks and gardeners that is self supporting and creates an ongoing

contribution to the health of our environment and community. We have many details to work out before the partnership

can stand on its own. Integral to that process is your feed back. If you ever have a problem, question or compliment please

contact us:



Thank you again for your interest.


David Braden

Executive Director

Living Systems Institute

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  • David Braden IV, Executive Director, Living Systems Institute
  • (303) 549-9787

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