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JUUST Living is a joint project of the Living Systems Institute and the JUUST Living Unitarian Universalist congregational community.  The project is to create:

A another model for living.
There are many who want another model, and there are certainly many who need a better model.

JUUST Living is a sober and clean intentional living and long-term recovery and healing community. 

JUUST Living is a unique model of holistic living, creating community free from the ravages of addiction.  Our mission is to to turn around the lives of substance abusers, former felons, and others who have hit bottom by empowering the people with the problems to become their own solution.  This is done in community, living with Unitarian Universalist principles and sources, and informed by permaculture design principles.  

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The task of Living Systems Institute is to "heal nature, end poverty and abate climate change." Living Systems Institute produces change agents to improve our habitat, with the recognition that "our living system is built up from individual interactions -- it will be transformed by individuals changing the way they interact."  JUUST Living helps those who have hit bottom to become change agents for their own lives, to become self-sustaining and productive, and be able to work to improve our habitat. 

Through this community we will work to engage the unrealized human and biological potential of our neighborhoods.   The projects listed below are designed to channel a flow of resources back on themselves through an interconnected pattern of interactions as described in the Agents of Habitat series.

We will start by serving meals high in protein and fresh vegetable to underserved neighbors.  We will produce this food through a program to provide home maintenance services that employ LSI's integrated closed loop production systems.  There will be many places where individuals can contribute to healing nature and our community.  Details will be developed as we observe and interact with the larger community.

Food Truck  (This links to a Google doc with notes)



Home Maintenance Service


Deep Mulch Gardens

Food Cells and Cold Frames

Construction Services

Chicken Coops

Green houses

Bee Hives

Residential Facilities (this links to a Google sheet with a draft financial model)

Commercial Kitchen

Breeding Flock of Chickens

Regulatory Compliance

Research and Testing


Fund Raising



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  • David Braden IV, Executive Director, Living Systems Institute
  • (303) 549-9787

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