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The flockThe deal is that David Braden will share what he knows about living systems in exchange for help maintaining the systems operating at the Living Systems Institute and help to develop the new systems we will need for the Cook and Gardener Project and the High Plains Plant Propagation Cooperative.


Participation is flexible depending on David's schedule.  We recommend a commitment of at least four hours a week (perferably weekdays) and participation in weekend events at the Living Systems Institute.  Research and design projects on your own can be anticipated.  There are a limited number of internships available.  See the application requirements below.


What Former Interns Have to Say:

"I truly loved my time working with you! I feel you have so much knowledge and you explain it with ease and on a level someone that doesn't know anything about living system can learn. I tell people about you all the time and would love to come back for more of your meetings."


". . . it was a great hands-on experience! The best way you learn is to try it out yourself and experience it. I appreciated being able to put into practice concepts I had read about in books and discussed with other enthusiasts but did not feel confident jumping in and doing it myself. It was definitely encouraging to see how LSI was applying regenerative principles and how I could do the same in my life."


TalapiaWhat You Will Learn

We teach Agents of Habitat about relationships.  Our world is a pattern of interactions among the many species.  Each interaction is based upon the relationships among the individuals involved.  This is our habitat.  It is this habitat that provides the opportunities for individuals to attain their potential and the limitations to attainment.  As we learn to embed ourselves in a symbiotic pattern of relationships we learn to use our influence to create the world we want.


Current Projects

Deep Mulch Gardening

Green houses



Drip Irrigation

Grey Water Systems

Water Harvesting

Bee Keeping


Cook and Gardener Project

Food Truck

Home Maintenance Services


Download the application and e-mail it to David Braden d-braden AT comcast DOT net.

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