Eldridge Propagation Site

The Eldridge Propagation Site is located at 3155 Eldridge St.,  Golden, CO.  It is the second house south on Eldridge from the roundabout at 32nd Ave. and Eldridge.

It will be available for plant propagation activities around March of 2017.

In cooperation with the Denver Permaculture Guild we are developing a data base of plants suited to our front range climate.  Check the Front Range Plant Resource Data Base . . . add plants that should be added . . . plan to propagate those plants . . . incorporate these plants into guilds that our friends and neighbors will want to duplicate on their property.

Our first event is a request for proposals to guild designers for the areas that will front on Eldridge St.  The arrangement of plants from each designer can be labled with the designer's name and will always be accessible for showing prospective clients.  We also anticipate using the plantings as "Mother" patches and a plant library.  Deadline for proposals is January 31, 2017.  For further information and a site tour contact David Braden through the Living Systems Institute. 

Site Plan

The proposal can be for either site A or site B or both or any part of either.  We have not finalized where the gate or gates will be to the back of the property.  We will probably want a place off the driveway to dump wood chips and manure.  These front areas will to accessible to the neighborhood deer so plants should be selected accordingly.  Trees or shrubs will need protection until they are big enough to handle the browsing.

Site Dimensions

Here is an example of the kind of hugelmulch bed we have in mind:


Here are some of the materials on site:

Log Pile

Wood Chip Pile

More Materials

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  • David Braden IV, Executive Director, Living Systems Institute
  • (303) 549-9787

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