Deep Mulch Gardening System

growing without tilling or fertilizing Our deep mulch gardening system creates a habitat for a whole soil ecosystem (a complete set of soil organisms) that can hold on to nutrients from season to season.

We do not till or fertilize or compost.  We have no weeds and we have no pests.  To learn about the concept See our blog in the Mother Earth News

The technique mimics the way a forest builds soil.  In an afternoon you can do what nature might take many years to do and that will give you many years of gardening with little to do except plant and harvest. 

Deep Mulch Gardening Details

These are the techniques our gardeners will be offering homeowners through the Cook and Gardener Project.

The Cook and Gardener Partnership

Compared to traditional gardening techniques this system takes less work because we work with nature's processes.  We can create healthy systems that encourage participation by all species.

Healthy or Sterile

Once you have convinced your neighbors to stop using systemic poisons and formed a Bee Safe Neighborhood you have a group of neighbors working together to improve your habitat.  What better next step than to set up a gardening team using deep mulch gardening techniques.

Team Gardening

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