The Cook and Gardener Project

Wood ChipsProject Overview for Gardeners, Homeowners and Campaign Donors

At Living Systems Institute, we explore ways that humans can produce the things they need to thrive in cooperation with nature’s processes. The Cook & Gardener Project is our newest initiative, designed to restore residential properties to their natural state through affordable regenerative landscaping services. In doing so, we will also:

- create green jobs for local gardeners;

- educate both our gardeners and clientele on how to live a truly sustainable life at home that works with nature;

- help our clients save on much more expensive conventional landscaping maintenance;

- generate opportunities and awareness for food justice and independence and wildlife conservation (especially pollinators!);

- strengthen communities through allyship in favor of our shared environment.


We’re looking for campaign donors.

If you share our vision, consider helping us reach our goal of $2,000 to produce and advertise a gardener recruitment video with a donation of any amount.

We’re looking for gardeners.

Living Systems Institute is currently seeking to employ gardeners, starting at 1 hour per week, per property. The restoration work begins now, so that gardens are positioned to thrive next spring.


To qualify, gardeners must be:

- 18 years or older

- able to list 50 lbs

- have some gardening experience

- cooperative and willing to learn, with a strong sense of initiative

- has a main source of income, as this is a start-up gig opportunity


Interested? Apply now by emailing


We’re looking for homeowners.

We’re building our client base across the Denver metro area. No residential space is too large or small—what matters is your willingness to join the sustainability movement, starting with our regenerative landscaping services.


To learn more about costs of services and to schedule a tour of our own regenerative landscaping proof of concept, email

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  • David Braden IV, Executive Director, Living Systems Institute
  • (303) 549-9787

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