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Marglobes 7-30How the Cook and The Gardener Saved the World

At the Living Systems Institute we explore ways that humans can produce the things they need to thrive in cooperation with nature's processes.  The things we need to thrive are

1 - Food (a sufficient balance of nutrients)

2 - Shelter (keeping our bodies in an acceptable temperature range)

3 - Learning (the know how to navigate the pattern in which we find ourselves)

4 - Health (a clean environment, proper exercise, access to medicines)

5 - Belonging (a supportive community)

6 - Purpose (a reason to get up every morning)

We can produce all of these things for ourselves as a community if we invest in the capacity to do so.  Every business organization is an investment in the capacity to produce something.  That is not the unique part of what we are doing.  A Community Investment Enterprise is an investment in the capacity to produce the things humans need to thrive, Building Gardensand it is owned by those who will use the things produced.  That makes it a Common Pool Resource (CPR) and we will be working with the findings of Elinor Ostrom regarding how to govern a CPR.

In our narrative our hero, Pat the gardener, offers services to landowners converting old fashioned resource intensive lawns into thriving habitats that support themselves. Pat uses small and slow solutions that enable nature to do most of the work. This new fertility also produces food for Pat and the homeowner. It will not take many clients before Pat will have an abundance.

Pat shares this food with our other hero, Chris the cook. Chris prepares meals for customers with the food Pat produces. These two services, creating habitats and cooking meals, create a regular revenue flow that supports a new business we call the Cook and Gardener Partnership (CGP). As demand for these services grows CGP will provide a place for many people who struggle in the traditional market economy.  How to organize this type of Community Investment Enterprise is the great undertaking of our time.

The conversion of lawn into habitat heals nature and pulls carbon from the atmosphere. The abundance of nature provides for people now living in poverty, creating new places where individuals can belong and have purpose . . . reducing the violence.

Details for Interested Homeowners

Pat and Chris need your help

Pole BeansLiving Systems Institute hosts a crowd sourced narrative called "How the Cook and the Gardener Saved the World".  What we have learned so far is chronicaled in the blog by that name:

How the Cook and the Gardener Saved the World

Join us to contribute to what we need to learn in this Face Book Group by that name:

How the Cook and the Gardener Saved the World

If you are in the greater Denver metropolitan area I hope you will join us at the events we hold through the Living Systems Institute.  These events are posted in the

Greater Denver Urban Homesteading Meetup Group
and the

Denver Permaculture Guild face book group

Pat and Chris need your support to develop the details of the landscaping services that Pat will provide and how they will grow the food that Chris will prepare for sale.  They need homeowners willing to hire this new style of landscapers and customers willing to buy the food they produce.  They want to produce a video to support crowd sourced funding for the prototype food cell and chicken coop they will build for homeowners.  They need help with the details for each of the topics below:


Food Truck 



Food Cell & Chicken CoopHome Maintenance Service


Deep Mulch Gardens

Food Cells and Cold Frames

Construction Services

Chicken Coops

Green houses

Bee Hives

Residential Facilities

Commercial Kitchen

Breeding Flock of Chickens

Regulatory Compliance

Research and Testing


Fund Raising


How do you see yourself supporting this work?

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