Clearly Defined Boundaries

Daily HarvestThe resource we wish to engage is the unrealized human and biological potential already present within our community.  These include the food that could be grown in our suburban yards but is not, and the individual humans who cannot earn enough to provide for themselves in the current market economy.

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We will tap into that potential with teams of gardeners who are perfecting their skills at growing food in suburban yards and teams of cooks who are perfecting their skills at preparing meals from the food the gardeners produce.

The gardening teams will be offering a landscaping service to homeowners.  This service will be successful if we can explain to homeowners how a change in the way they maintain their landscapes will contribute to healing nature, producing abundance, sequestering atmospheric carbon and reducing violence in our community.  The relationship between the gardening team and the homeowners that hire them will flourish as a function of how well the team is able to maintain the appearance of the landscape and still produce food to share with the homeowner.  Teams will compete with each other and share techniques.  Homeowners can switch teams if they are unhappy.

The cooking teams will be offering nutrient dense meals including, but not limited to, foods produced by the gardeners.  I think of each cooking team as operating a food truck, a cafe' or a catering business.  The relationship between the cooks and their customers will flourish as a function of delivering good tasting healthy food for a reasonable price.  Customers of the cooking team will always have other options.

The partnership between a cooking team and a gardening teams or groups of teams will have to be worked out as we go.  I imagine gardeners delivering, eggs, chicken and produce on a daily basis and recieving meals in return.  The finances for the gardening team will be similar to that of other landscape businesses except for the cash savings that might be obtained through the partnership.  The finances for the cooking teams will be similar to that of other food service businesses except for the cash savings that might be obtained through the partnership.

Within this pattern of interactions, there can be clearly defined boundaries to the common pool resources based on team membership.  Each team would have complete authority over how to spend the cash they generate and complete authority over who can be a member of their team.  Then, each team is free to engage in agreements with other teams on the basis of mutual benefit.


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