Building Community to Improve Your Life

The world we experience is created by the living things participating in it. It is a pattern of interactions which, like a flock of birds or school of fish, appears to have intention. But no one controls the pattern. The pattern is the result of all the choices each of us makes as we respond to what we experience. A sustainable world will result from learning to choose sustainable responses and that is what we explore at the Living Systems Institute.

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Design Workshop Spring 2015On:


9:00 am to 4:00 pm,


at the LSI Classroom:


Peggy Gate's – LSI Classroom

16980 W. 12th Ave.,

Golden, Colorado


(at the intersection of 12th Avenue and S. Golden Road)

or online


Building Community to Improve Your Life Your life is a series of interactions with the things around you. In popular parlance, these are your "connections". The more connections you have the more resources you have to respond to change. This is a one day seminar in which we explore the principles that apply to developing new connections. You will gain understanding of your existing community and how you can engage it in a new pattern of interactions. Learn to use your influence in the community to improve its resources and your own.

Lunch will be provided.


. . . “Really enjoyed the creative format of the class and the warm community. The richness of discussion and ideas will keep my wheels turning long after the class. Look forward to coming together again. Delicious lunch, thank you!!”

Kacie Roads

. . . “It was very good for me as a beginning understanding of permaculture based community design. The participants and leader were very knowledgeable in their areas. I wish they were all my neighbors.”

Les Canges

"Really great to process the permaculture ideas in light of community. I appreciated the much broader definition of community. Thanks for sharing and allowing us to process evolving ideas in a safe environment. Peggy's hospitality, a bonus!"

Cheryl Muzaca


There is no charge for this event because the more people who understand these concepts the stronger our community becomes. We will be asking if you are able to make a monetary contribution to our work and to offset the cost of lunch. LSI is a tax exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. We are an all volunteer organization. None of your donations will go to salaries. We do have insurance and accounting expenses but after that all of your donations will go directly to expenses of developing sustainable patterns of interaction and sharing that information with the world. Bring your donation to the event or go to our web site and click on the “Donate” button.


We are holding a series of weekend events about developing and operating sustainable systems of production on the assumption that many people are working weekdays. If you have time during the week and want to learn more about our systems, contact David Braden at d-braden [AT] comcast [Dot] net to arrange a time to help.

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