The Dance of Creation: Four Aspects of the Foundation of Existence

April 27th, 2015

Many people I know look around and see objects. I see a dance. Others see trees and houses and people and cars. I see a dance of sun and soil and water becoming plants. We dance into existence plants and animals and people and all manner of other things. All the things we know are danced into existence by the species participating in the dance. We are all the species of the earth dancing the world into existence everyday. It is the dance of creation.


We humans have forgotten the steps for the role we used to play in this dance. When we began to learn new things we forgot how we need the other dancers. Now we step on toes and drive other dancers out of the dance. Every time we drive a dancer out we make the dance more shallow and more tiresome. It becomes tiresome because we have to perform the parts of the missing dancers. It becomes shallow because humans are not well equipped to dance those parts. We forgot that when other species dance more we have less to dance. But we can learn new steps that give the dance more depth and beauty. This is the foundational point of view that will allow humans to learn again our part in the dance.  (Do you want your habitat to be Healthy or Sterile?)


The dance requires trillions of tiny steps by the billions of creatures possible in each hand full of soil. These dancers are the bacteria and fungi and other creatures of the soil that support the dance of larger species. It is here in these smallest steps that we see the miracle of old life becoming new life. It is the solar energy trapped in previous performances of the dance recycled to allow the next performance to have more depth and beauty.


It is here where our clumsiness has its largest effect. Without all the dancers we cannot recycle this trapped sunlight and system runs down. Creation itself runs down. This is why the dance acquires depth and beauty when we engage new dancers. With some species in every role the trapped sunlight builds up from one performance to the next. Creation itself expands. Without these smallest steps in the soils and estuaries and reefs everything else we try to build will be without foundation. It is here where learning new steps has the greatest potential.  (Building a Habitat for a Whole Soil Ecosystem)


Each of us can help provide the venue for a soil foundation dance where we live. With those small creatures dancing in more backyards the dance of the larger plants and creatures becomes more beautiful. As these smallest of dancers find what they need to dance in more soils and in more waters, the carrying capacity of the earth expands. This is the foundational reality of our existence.


We all have to participate in the dance the way it is performing now. We are created by the dance and it is the only dance in town. But we change the dance by changing our steps and our dance partners. When we learn to engage many other species in our part of the dance, when we learn to give them what they need to dance, they will give back what we need. Every cycle attracts more dancers and adds depth and beauty to the dance. As the dance becomes deep and beautiful there are more roles for humans to play. This is the foundation for healing nature and ending poverty. (Integrated Closed Loop Production Systems)


When we do not know our role in the dance we are disconnected. When the dance is shallow and tiresome we wonder about the purpose of creation. Many suffer from depression and a sense of futility. Many are also afraid of change. But the dance does not require that we give up anything in order to learn new steps to the dance. We can keep dancing the old steps until the new steps serve better. New steps can serve better when the old steps are shallow and tiresome. Learning to dance is how we come into our power to create the the world. It is our purpose to participate in creation. We can learn new steps that will make the dance even more beautiful tomorrow. We learn to hope that our creation will be deeper and more beautiful tomorrow. This is the foundation for a program to engage more and more dancers in our dance of creation. (Improving our skill)



Ultimately, each of us must choose whether we shall learn to dance creatively. If there are not enough of us that make that choice, creation will continue to run down, the way it has for every civilization that precedes us, until it can no longer support the human species. That will mean a miserable existence for the next many generations of humans. If enough of us do learn to dance creatively, then these next many generations will have embarked on a great adventure in creation. I choose to pursue the second choice and I hope you will join me.

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