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Lesson 1 - Introduction

Lesson 2 - Place Yourself in the Universe

Lesson 3 - Carbon Cycling

Lesson 4 - Discretionary Time and Money

Lesson 5 - A Welcoming Place

Lesson 6 - A Pattern in a Pattern

Lesson 7 - Ending the Age of Separation

Lesson 8 - Conducive to Life

Lesson 9 - Embedded in Nature

Lesson 10 - Edge, Surface Area, Boundaries and Succession

Lesson 11 - Placing Processes in Proximity

Lesson 12 - A View of the Whole


The Cook and the Gardener

Growing Your Own More than a Life Style Choice - When we produce locally what we consume locally we create cells of sustainability. The shorter our supply lines the more resilient we become. More importantly, sustainable cells produce a healthier and more beautiful way of life.


Mother Earth News Blogs


Healthy or Sterile Do you want to live in a healthy system or a sterile systems?  Using poisons leads to a sterile system.

Seed Saving and Line Breeding Preparing for Climate Change - One of nature's key strategies to respond to environmental change is maintaining the genetic diversity of the ecosystem.

Deep Mulch Gardening Building a Habitat for a Whole Soil Ecosystem - Using these techniques you can spend an afternoon building a deep mulch garden and stop tilling and composting for up to 30 years.

Year Round Food Production So Much More than a Greenhouse - Grow food year round with no operating costs and no waste by using integrated closed loop production in a heat retaining enclosure.

Suburban Forest Islands Creatively Respond to Change and Produce no Waste - Typical suburban landscaping is a maintenance expense with no return to the owner and often diminishes the habitat for the living things around us. One alternative is to create a forest island that provides flowers for pollinators and food for people with little to no maintenance cost.

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Community Sufficiency Technologies

Paradigm Shift

Three Assumptions that Prevent Us from Creating the World that We Want

Be the Change

The Scott Bader Company

Practical Holism


Three Dimensional Understanding

Complexity Spirals

Integrated Systems of Production

Principles of Practical Holism

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Bee Safe Neighborhoods

Bee Safe Brochure

Canvassing Materials

Do you want your habitat to healthy or Sterile?

Honor Roll

Pledge Form and Signature Sheet

Pledge for Bee Safe Communities

Registered Bee Safe Coordinators

What is a Bee Safe Neighborhood?

Community Investment Enterprise

Design Principles for Investing in Common Pool Resources

Clear Boundaries

Practical Rules

Letter to Homeowners

Funding Request

Regenerative Landscaping

Deep Mulch Gardening System

Deep Mulch Garden Details
Team Gardening

Why you want to be on a Gardening Team

Team Leader Guidelines

Educational Programs

Building Community to Improve your Life

Face Book Presentation

High Plains Plant Propagation Cooperative

Eldridge Propagation Site

Forest Island Test Plot 2015

Malcolm's Apple Guild

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Offer to become a Project of the Denver Permaculture Guild

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Integrated Closed Loop Production Systems

Integrating Chickens into a Suburban Habitat

A Seasonal Chicken Run

Internship Program

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